1. Stop Wearing One Boxer Shorts for 2 or 3
days without Changing it, At least 7 boxer
shorts, Each One In A day its makes you smell
Nice no Odor Down there.
2. Try to love a Girl that Loves you, and stop
dreaming about a girl that loves someone else
and don't even notice your Presence.
3. Its good to Dream Big, but don't Just keep
drinking, Smoking chasing small girls around
and expect your dream to come through, work
towards that dreams.
4. Try as much as possible to look good and
attractive, don't always allow your girl to look
more appealing and attractive than you, that is
what makes them think you are not their class.
5. Try as much as possible to be honest to your
friends and the people you deal with, for that
will determine the kind of person you will
become tomorrow.
6. Changing girls like clothes don't makes you a
big boy its only makes you a weak boy, your
future and destiny can easily be Manipulated by
the women you think you toying with. One Girl
At a time.
7. Be Kind to People that comes your way today
for you might not know where you will meet
them tomorrow, Remember the poor today
could be come the rich tomorrow.
8. Always seek for Gods Favor And Guardian in
what ever you do, for with this you will never go
9. Take advantage of that girl who love you so
much is bad.
10. Demanding sex all time whenever your girl
come around is bad, please premarital sex is sin,
zip up

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