Easiest Way To Know When Someone is Pregnant Using Your phone

You may be surprise to hear this, but it's true. It is available on Symbian, BB and Android. All you need to do, is simply dial **18p# and press send. To get "P" press your star button 3 times. place it one girl's stomach, and your phone will vibrate and will display on the screen the following information:

B+0.1 means 1 week pregnancy
B+0.2 means 2 weeks pregnancy
B+0.3 means 3 weeks pregnancy
B+1    means 1 month pregnancy
B+2    means 2 months pregnancy
B+3    means 3 months pregnancy
Till B+9 which is 9 months pregnancy

Note: If she is not pregnant, the phone will not display anything at all.


Many people do waste their money and precious going to cyber cafe to check for their WAEC, NECO and JAMB results when they can do it on their phone provided they have gotten their scratch card.

For WAEC: Go to the menu of your phone and select message, they type Waec, type # followed by your exam number # then your scratch card codes # then the year you took the exam and send it to 32327. E.g Waec#2467764889#001154327218#2017 send to 32327.

For NECO: Text Neco #registration number #year of the exam #Exam type #scratch card code and send to 32327

 For JAMB: Type # jamb# scratch and pin #5/n # registration number #  your phone number and send to 32327.

Halima Abubakar Makes an Extrordinary Show-up Back on Instagram

 One of most  talented actress in Nigeria Nollywood Halima Abubakar has incredibly come back to instagram last week. Halima who spent her early years in the north is a graduate of sociology in Bayero formerly known as a college university.
she announced her exit from instagram last month has returned back.

The Latest Way to Listen and monitor Another Man's Call Through Using Gsm

We are now in a mobile world whereby nothing is hidden. some people will leave their work, office or market following their husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, all in the name of monitoring him or her, your knowing him or she is wasting time. there is something you can actually press on his or her phone, whenever someone calls him or her, your own phone will also be ringing. immediately he or she picks it, your own phone will automatically be picked and you can start hearing their conversation. this is also known as tapping another Man's phone.

on the phone of the person you want to monitor, press **21*174 and your phone number, then press # and send it Or press **67*174(your phone number) # yes/ok.

Mr Samuel whose phone number is 08033992998, want to monitor his fiancee Joy whose phone number is 08063426688, all Mr John need to press on Joy's phone is **21*17408033992998# yes/ok Or **67*17408033992998# yes/Ok this requires credit on both phones before you can activate it

How To Cancel Listening, Monitoring Or Tapping Another Man's Call
On the person's phone you are monitoring, kindly press ##21# yes/Ok Or ##002# yes/ok.