Easiest Way To Know When Someone is Pregnant Using Your phone

You may be surprise to hear this, but it's true. It is available on Symbian, BB and Android. All you need to do, is simply dial **18p# and press send. To get "P" press your star button 3 times. place it one girl's stomach, and your phone will vibrate and will display on the screen the following information:

B+0.1 means 1 week pregnancy
B+0.2 means 2 weeks pregnancy
B+0.3 means 3 weeks pregnancy
B+1    means 1 month pregnancy
B+2    means 2 months pregnancy
B+3    means 3 months pregnancy
Till B+9 which is 9 months pregnancy

Note: If she is not pregnant, the phone will not display anything at all.


Many people do waste their money and precious going to cyber cafe to check for their WAEC, NECO and JAMB results when they can do it on their phone provided they have gotten their scratch card.

For WAEC: Go to the menu of your phone and select message, they type Waec, type # followed by your exam number # then your scratch card codes # then the year you took the exam and send it to 32327. E.g Waec#2467764889#001154327218#2017 send to 32327.

For NECO: Text Neco #registration number #year of the exam #Exam type #scratch card code and send to 32327

 For JAMB: Type # jamb# scratch and pin #5/n # registration number #  your phone number and send to 32327.

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